The Spirit of 76
Who or what was the Katie B named for? An Indian in Alaska or a bay there? Harold Jacobs answered the question. He is a resource specialist for the Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska. Kadashan Bay is one mile across on the South Shore of Teankee Inlet on Chichagof Island, four miles south of Tenakee Springs, Alex. Arch.  It was named in 1929 by the US Forestry Service for Paul K Kadashan, an Indian who applied for this land as a homestead in 1915. The totems are of a different Kadashan but probably a relative to Paul Kadashan. The local descriptive name for Kadashan Bay is BIG BAY. Paul Kadashan was from Haines, AK.. The answer is BOTH...I guess!   Thanks Harold for the information!
Billy Fortune
???     Billy Fortune                               ???
Entering a floating dry dock at Manus, Admiralty Is. 19 Nov 44
Stencil used by Jack Adolf.
Earl Biggerstaff           Zack Zink                        Gene Brown
8 Jan 45
Impact damage from KamiKaze
Pearl Harbour, Awaiting the passing of President Roosevelt
The 5" shell casing found by Bob K.
He has been trying to found what the
history of it was. He found the Katie
B's website. He noted he found this as
a small boy over 50 years ago. It has
USS KADASHAN BAY on its side and
inscribed on the cap is Sept 1944
Layte -Samar-Second Battle of the
Philippines...Oct 1944 Mindoro...Nov
1944-Luzon Jan 1945 and
Remember 8 Jan 1945. The cap is
from a 5" Mark V 38 cal. shell, lot #
721. Bob noted he had always felt
a sincere seriousness and an
attachment this "cap" without
Knowing its history...Now I know why.
Rightly So.  If anyone wants to
write Bob his email is:
Now, the question?  Who inscribed
The Kadashan Bay's Nicknames:

The Katie B
The K-B
The Katy B
The Katy Bee
The photo is the moment of impact by the
Kamikaze. However, it is from a Japanese
Military Magazine!
Capt Hunter turns over the command of
CVE-76 to Capt Monroe at Peal Harbor.
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Capt. Monroe reads the terms of Surrender to the Crew.
Rolling Deck? no the Katie B is turning into the wind to land her planes as the barriers are up
The Mule Shack in Oakland, CA Feb. 1945
Jack Adolf, Ship's Painter
Chief Kadashan, Wrangell, AK
Can anyone Indentify the men?
Can anyone indentify the men?
CVE under attack on 25 OCT 44

The photo is believed to be of the KitKun Bay and taken by Ens. Jensen's crew about 0900 from 5000'.
Rodger Kurtz RM2/c.

Paul Qunell
Charlie Karr
Fran  ??
Joe Guidry           Galley Crew
Fred Yglesias
Arthur Baumann
Fred Marcum. He was the crew member who survived being hit by an FM-2's propeller.
Fran ??  Walt        Charles                                                  Furtado    Karr      ???   A. Baumann
Kadashan Bay
Burial of Edgar Lloyd Braun S1/c at sea.
1 January 1945
San Fransico  8 Apr 45
Howard Cooke
XO Robert Goodgame in his room aboard
the Katy B. Late 1944 or early 1945.
Lost 27-Jan-45
CDR M V Kappius, Ship's Dr.
Lost 27-Jan-45
Lonnie Pittman.
Emil Piskac
Edgar Braun 1944
KI-43  "Oscar"
.Bob Brown
AL Eagan
Tom Sanders
Paul Aclin
Electricians Mate first Class

Lt Homer Smith, Communications officer
.Loy Grile, V-one Div.  Repair, GQ and FQ
Carl Massie today
Carl Massie then and now!
Katie B in Boston Harbor 1946 Bill Hail's collection
Earlier attempt by a kamikaze to hit
the ship. Splashed by ship's gunners.
CVN 76  the USS RONALD REAGAN at Pearl Harbour
The Kadashan Totems, Wrangell, Alaska

Ed Nelson, 1943
Natalio Soto
Mike Horback
Mike Horback
Bob Holsgrove
Does anyone recognize this shipmate?