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Main Page to Haze Gray and Underway

U S Escort Carriers, S4 Hulls Casablanca Class

Escort Carriers Sailors and Aircrew Association
Andrew Toppan's Haze Gray and Underway
Casablanca Class Carriers
Escort Carriers Association
Naval Historical Center
Main Page to Naval Historical Center
Combat Aircraft of the Pacific
Good site to the Combat Aircraft of the Pacific and Leyte Gulf.
Photo Collection of US warships
Large photo collection of US Warships
Links to other CVE Associations
Links to other CVE Associations
DANFS History of CVE-76
DANFS History of CVE-76
History of  the Escort Carrier
Brief History of the Escort Carrier
The Players: TAFFY I,II,III
Battle of Leyte Gulf
The Battle of Leyte Gulf
The Imperial Japanese Fleet at Leyte Gulf
CVE-80's Website
CVE-80 Petrof Bay
Home Page to the National Archives
National Archives Home Page
MSN search  Battle of Leyte Gulf
MSN SEARCH Engine: 10 most popular sites for Battle of Leyte Gulf
CVE-77 Marcus Island
CVE-77 Marcus Island
CVE-73 Gambier Bay
CVE-73 Gambier Bay
The Lone Sailor
CVE-87  Steamer Bay
U S Navy Memorial
Zack Zink at the Lone Sailor
CVE-76 Kadashan Bay
CVE-76  Kadashan Bay
Please Support the Memorial
Please Support the Memorial by becoming a Charter Member. Over 6000 ships and rosters and associations listed.
Personnel Records Site
Site for obtaining replacement medals and awards
To request Military Personnel Records
To request replacement of Medals/Awards

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Kaiser Vancouver / Swan Island & Oregon Shipyards
Kaiser Ship Yards, Vancouver, WA
Vol 3 No. 24 Bos'n Whistle page 8
Vol. 3 No. 24 p 8 of Bos'n Whistle 23 Dec 43
Homer Smith and his daughter at the opening of the WWII Memorial in Washington D. C.