Capt. Monroe says goodbye  8 Feb 46
Crew celebrates V-J Day
Decommissioning on 8 Feb 46 Boston, MA
Battle of Leyte Gulf   25 Oct 44
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Kamikaze attack on the Katie B  8 Jan 45 from the ship's Deck
Flooded  Compartment from Kamikaze attack
9 X 17 hole under the Island where Kamikaze hit.

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Sulu Sea  15 Dec 44
Dick Haack
Can anyone ID the men and location?
CliCrew cleaning the hull while in Drydock at Manusck here to add your text.
CVEs leave Manus10 Oct 44
Loy Grile, V-ONE DIV, Repair 1, GQ and FQ
Paul Aclin

Ship's Band can anyone ID the others?
Inspection on 8 Feb 46. Officer is the officer standing behind Capt Monroe on the platform. H K EDWARDS ???
Paul Aclin